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European spatial and urban monitoring

With the European spatial and monitoring system, the living conditions in Europe are analysed and compared at the regional level. It thus supports political discussions and knowledge-based political consulting.

Most of the data for the spatial analyses are provided by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, and by other EU institutions such as the European Environment Agency (EEA). The other data come from the national statistical offices of EU and also non-EU member states. Results from model calculations of the BBSR, especially in the field of transport and accessibility, are also considered in the analyses.

The regional framework for spatial reporting is based on the "Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics" (Nomenclature des unités territoriales statistiques NUTS), which is defined by the NUTS regulation of the EU. The last version, Commission Regulation (EU) No 31/2011 amending the NUTS classification, also called NUTS 2010 regulation, is applicable since 1 January 2012. As a regional hierarchical classification system, it involves three territorial levels:

  • NUTS 1 - corresponds to "Länder" (federal states) in Germany,
  • NUTS 2 - corresponds to "Regierungsbezirke" (administrative regions) in Germany,
  • NUTS 3 - corresponds to "Kreise" (counties) and "kreisfreie Städte" (cities that are counties in their own right) in Germany.

Comparative spatial and urban monitoring within a European context is provided by the European Spatial Planning Observation Network ESPON and by the Urban Audit statistics of the European Commission. Comparative indicators for European regions can be found in the so-called "public files" of the ESPON Programme and for selected cities on the Urban Audit and Eurostat websites.

Selected European spatial and urban monitoring results can be found here (>> more information).

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