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Vorankündigung: 9 Ausschreibungen geplant

Datum 01.07.2019

Folgende Ausschreibungen plant der ESPON EVTZ:

  1. Applied Research: Digital transition of government and public services
  2. Targeted analysis: European Research for Maritime Eco(nomic)clusters governance Strategy (ERMES); Lead stakeholder: Liguria Region (IT)
  3. Targeted analysis: evaluating spatial planning practices with digital plan data (DIGIPLAN); Lead stakeholder: Danish Business Authority (DK)
  4. Targeted analysis: spatial dynamics and integrated territorial development scenarios for the functional area of central Europe (CE-FLOWS); Lead stakeholder: City of Vienna (AT)
  5. Targeted analysis: Developing a metropolitan-regional imaginary, based on an interrelated approach to analysing sociospatial effects of economic restructuring in Milan-Bologna urban region (IMAGINE) Lead stakeholder: City of Milan (IT)
  6. Digital transition of government and public services
  7. ESPON 2020 Database Portal, Phase II (7) RIMAP Online Mapping tool update
  8. Tool for mapping soft territorial cooperation areas
  9. Indicators based on big data

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