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30 years of Interreg

This year, the Interreg programme is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Interreg is an EU funding programme with a true European spirit as is encourages regions and countries to tackle common challenges that can only be solved through cooperation. Throughout the year, many events are dedicated to this anniversary. Due to the corona pandemic, however, many of them already had to be cancelled or have been put on hold. The main celebrations, which were planned to take place within the framework of the Interreg 30 Years' Annual Event on 15 and 16 October 2020, have been postponed to next year.

Latest information on 30 years of Interreg: To coincide with this anniversary, INTERACT has created a website dedicated to 30 years of Interreg where you will find videos, podcasts, events, news, documents and presentations, a media centre and much more:
Interreg - 30 years together

More information about transnational cooperation in Germany: www.interreg.de

Living the City - An Exhibition about Cities, People and Stories

25th September - 20th December 2020

An exhibition on urban development with Europe-wide reach begins on 25th September and closes on 20th December 2020. It is meant to mark the German EU Council Presidency. The BBSR is responsible for the main hall of the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, which will be converted into an accessible urban landscape to tell numerous stories about city-making and city-makers from all over Europe. The exhibition aims to communicate the city as a living space just as the field of integrated urban development to a broad public in a vivid and lively way. An expert team with Lukas Feireiss, Tatjana Schneider and the TheGreenEyl office will curate the exhibition. Cities are full of stories - simultaneous, inconsistent, overlapping and inseparable.

Such stories are told in the Living the City exhibition by means of various projects in the fields of architecture, art and urban planning. The aim is to show urban development processes and possibilities for action. The exhibition will use a playful approach, encouraging active participation and involvement in the design of urban space. The exhibition, with over 50 projects from all over Europe, will be based on the everyday experiences of people, asking questions about very basic activities such as loving, living, moving, working, learning, playing, dreaming and participating in the city.

At the same time, the exhibition will be an active part of actual city-making. For the duration of three months, the walk-through urban landscape with its diverse public events and educational programme will become the central venue for the discussion of urban development. Numerous events, weekly lectures, film screenings and workshops with a wide variety of participants from all over the world as well as an online radio and temporary studios will help to establish Living the City as a place of participation and an important cultural contact point for all local residents, tourists and, in times of the Covid-19 crisis, digital visitors.

Further information: www.livingthecity.eu

Network xBorder workshop at the European Week of Regions and Cities

13th October 2020

On 13th October 2020, the European Cross-Border Monitoring Network (Network xBorder), founded by the BBSR, will be present at the European Week of Regions and Cities. The goal of the Network is to facilitate exchanges between statistics users and providers in European countries and to encourage the improvement of cross-border statistics. During the session, the Network and its members will present their ongoing activities and answer questions on cross-border territorial monitoring.

European Cross-Border Monitoring Network >> more information

Event details on the website of the European Week of Regions and Cities
#territorialdata: territorial monitoring

Meeting of European Directors for Architecture

28th October 2020

The meeting of European Directors for Architecture brings together government representatives responsible for architectural policies and architectural trends from European partner countries. It is part of the European Conference on Architectural Policies, which addresses current challenges and developments in the field of architecture, architectural trends and urban development. This non-public conference is organised on a regular basis by the incumbent Council Presidency. The upcoming meeting will focus on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on national architectural policies. The Federal Republic of Germany will present conclusions drawn from the architectural trends report 2020/2021 and present initial proposals for solutions based on increased demand and appreciation for and political attention to urban green spaces. In addition, current research processes and results in architectural trends will be presented. The meeting will be held as an online conference in English.

European Conference for Housing Policy

6th November 2020

The European Conference for Housing Policy is the German contribution to the EU Council Presidency in the field of housing. Among the presentation and discussion of the results of the ExWoSt research project "Housing Policies in the European Union", other relevant housing policy topics will be addressed and debated. The research project aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the different programmatic approaches ad characteristics of national housing policies in the European Union. Goal of the Conference is to initiate and intensify the European exchange about housing policy and existing challenges in providing housing. This is the first time an official conference on housing during an EU Council Presidency is organised. The Conference will take place on 6th November 2020 and is scheduled from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., due to the current circumstances as an online event. State Secretaries Bohle and Vogel (German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community) will participate in the Conference with a keynote address and a panel discussion.


17th - 19th November 2020

The ESPON Week in the second half of 2020 is scheduled for Tuesday, 17th to Thursday, 19th November 2020 and will take place during the German EU Council Presidency. An important issue will be the ESPON 2021 annual schedule. The seminar 2020 will concentrate on the policy briefs which ESPON is preparing for the German Presidency: a) cross-border observation (in times of COVID-19) and b) regional structural changes. The seminar will also promote the new Territorial Atlas for Europe coproduced by the BBSR and the ESPON EGTC.

The organisers had to change formats due to COVID-19. The traditional seminar will take place virtually. The interventions and contents of the seminar will be distributed over different online platforms. Thus, all participants can communicate and participate without risk.

For more information see the BBSR's (German-speaking) ESPON website.

Digital Forum "Urban Agenda for the EU"

Culture and Cultural Heritage in Europe - strengthen – promote – develop

24th and 25th November 2020

Culture and Cultural Heritage are important cornerstones for the sustainable development of our living environment. As a resource and potential to create just, green and productive cities, cultural heritage has a profound effect on the cities of Europe and makes essential contributions to the quality of life. But: How to deal with cultural heritage? How to protect and develop it at the same time? And how to put it into value socially, ecologically and economically? The Partnership on Culture and Cultural Heritage of the Urban Agenda for the EU has developed a comprehensive, holistic and pragmatic approach and it offers interested stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the development of this important European task. The Partnership consists of a network of 30 selected partners from across Europe. This network is currently working on several pilot projects and recommendations, so-called "actions", to manage cultural heritage and to foster further development while focusing on the existing, grown European city. The actions and their aims are summarised in an action plan.

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and the Italian Territorial Cohesion Agency invite you to attend the digital forum "Urban Agenda for the EU" on 24th and 25th November 2020 as part of the EU Council Presidency. During the forum, the Action Plan on Cultural Heritage will be discussed and finalised.

Please mark the date in your calendar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is planned in a digital format and attendees will be able to actively participate via interactive online modules. A detailed programme will be distributed in time. Please note that the conference will be held in English.

You are invited to register on the following website of the European Commission: Registration

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