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Department I Spatial Planning and Urban Development

Mgt.: Dr. Markus Eltges

Office management: Gertrud Ziegenhals, phone +49 228 99401-2001

Department I performs information, research and technical consultancy tasks for the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) and other departments in the policy areas of spatial planning / spatial development and city planning / city development.

The core tasks of the department are:

  • Operation of a spatial information system for current observation and evaluation of spatial and city development and as a basis for continual reporting about spatial development
  • Preparing spatial planning and city development reports
  • Contributions to reports of the BMI in the context of the environment and sustainability
  • Technical consultancy to the BMI and other departments regarding developments in policy, economics and society which are relevant to spatial planning and city development policy
  • Technical support for the international cooperation in the area of spatial planning / spatial development, including the management of corresponding programmes and institutions, e.g. INTERREG, URBACT and OECD
  • Management and evaluation of the departmental research of the BMI in the areas of city planning / city development and spatial planning / spatial development (general departmental research, experimental housing and city construction, national urban development policy, Baukultur, research in the context of urban development grants, model approach to spatial planning).
  • Management and evaluation of investment and funding programs, in particular national projects of urban development (NPS), program rehabilitation of municipal institutions in the fields of sport, youth and culture as well as pilot projects for the advancement of urban development
  • Results transfer in policy and practice through cooperation in relevant committees, organising events and producing publications in the fields of city development and spatial planning.

These core tasks are carried out in seven departments and one project group, which have set up as technical centres of responsibility and competence. The current focuses and projects are determined in an annual working programme in consultation with the BMI.

  • Division I 1: Spatial Development
  • Division I 2: Urban Development
  • Division I 3: European Spatial and Urban Development
  • Division I 4: Urban Development Grants, Social Urban Development
  • Division I 5: Digital Cities, Risk Prevention and Transportation
  • Division I 6: Urban, Environmental and Spatial Monitoring
  • Division I 7: Baukultur and Urban Architectural Conservation
  • Project group ZIP: Future Investment Programme