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European Baukultur Conference 2020

Fostering Baukultur as part of everyday life

Zeche Zollverein Zeche Zollverein Zeche Zollverein Source: Michael Gaida/Pixabay

How can Baukultur become part of everyday practice? How can we promote the benefits of Baukultur in society establishing social cohesion and well-being? How dissemination does successfully works? The topic is Fostering Baukultur as part of everyday life to focus on Built Environment Education, dissemination of Baukultur and initiatives on Baukultur of civil society, targeting to find answers on the question how Baukultur can be natural part of everyday life.

The congress continues on from the 2007 international conference in Hamburg on occasion of the last German EU Presidency and will pursue the transboundary dialogue among experts of science and civil society, administration and politics. At the same time, it addresses experts on architectural policies of the ECAP network and further European activities.

The congress provides a broad platform for exchange on current issues concerning architecture and urban development in an international context.

As part of the European network, we kindly ask you to mark this date in your calendars. More information to the congress will follow.


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Musiktheater im Revier
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