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Territorial cohesion in future EU cohesion policy

Forschungen 156, Ed.: BMVBS, Bonn 2012

Following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the objective of territorial cohesion has been explicitly added to the EU objectives of economic and social cohesion. With this step, the institutional preconditions for the integration of territorial objectives in EU sector policies have been provided. The integration of territorial objectives in different EU policies is anything but easy. Debates about cutbacks of the EU budget and of different EU sector policy budgets tend to aggravate this integration. Scarcity of resources usually goes along with a concentration on the sector policy’s main objectives and therefore hampers the consideration of additional concerns.

In order to strengthen territorial objectives, it is important to indicate how sector policies may benefit from synergies and policy efficiency increases if territorial aspects are taken into account. This issue of "Forschungen" presents concrete approaches for a better integration of spatial issues of different EU sector policies with high territorial relevance such as regional, environmental and transport policy and gives stakeholders on various spatial levels suggestions for developing their policies. It is the right moment: Currently, the EU regulations concerning the future funding period are being negotiated and preliminary observations regarding the preparation of the various support programmes beginning in 2014 are being drawn.

Produced by
Spatial Foresight GmbH, Luxemburg (research contractor)
Dr. Sabine Zillmer (direction), Dr. Kai Böhme, Christian Lüer
TAURUS ECO Consulting GmbH (research contractor)
Dr. Klaus Sauerborn (direction), Jan Maurer, Veronika Harder

Project Management
Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development, Bonn (research client)
Brigitte Ahlke

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ISBN 978-3-87994-488-0, urn:nbn:de:101:1-201301294935



1 Introduction

2 Working steps and methodology
2.1 Opportunities for integrating territorial matters into EU policies
2.2 Transnational cooperation

3 Territorial cohesion - understanding and processes
3.1 Understanding of territorial cohesion
3.2 Processes for implementing territorial cohesion

4 Integrating territorial cohesion in selected thematic fields
4.1 Urban-rural relations
4.2 Services of general interest in rural areas
4.3 Transport core networks
4.4 Congestions in metropolitan areas
4.5 Adaptation of infrastructure to climate change challenges
4.6 Energy networks

5 Territorial cohesion in transnational cooperation
5.1 Proposed ETC regulation
5.2 Programmes for transnational cooperation (INTERREG B)
5.3 Macro-regional strategies

6 Policy recommendations
6.1 Cross-sector policy-making
6.2 Vertical cooperation in policy-making


German version: Territorialer Zusammenhalt in der künftigen Kohäsionspolitik. Forschungen 155
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This publication is a result of the research project "The territorial dimension of future EU cohesion policy".
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