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Transnational cooperation in Europe - the German INTERREG B experience. TransCoop 2009
Transnationale Zusammenarbeit in Europa - die deutschen INTERREG B-Erfahrungen. TransCoop 2009

Berichte, Issue 32, Ed.: BBSR, Bonn 2009

How can transnational cooperation contribute to the territorial cohesion of Europe? What were the experiences of Germany with cross-national cooperation in the Alpine Space, in the Central, Adriatic, Danubian and South-Eastern European Space (CADSES), in the North Sea Region and in the Baltic Sea Region as well as in North-West Europe in the past programming period 2000-2006? Which new requirements have to be taken into account during the current programming period, which lasts until 2013, and how has the implementation process of the current programmes started running? Which conclusions for the future cooperation can be drawn from that?

Against the background of the discussions on the future European cohesion policy from 2014, which have already started, these questions are exigent and gave reason to the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) to draw up the bilingual (German and English) report "Transnational cooperation in Europe - the German INTERREG B experience (TransCoop 2009)".

ISBN 978-3-87994-082-0
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Contact: Brigitte Ahlke


1 Introduction

2 Territorial cohesion as a new paradigm of the European spatial and urban development policy
2.1 Development of the European spatial and urban development policy
2.2 Programmes to support territorial cooperation

3 Bringing Europe together: transnational cooperation 2000-2006
3.1 Stakeholders, structures and measures of transnational cooperation
3.2 Impacts of transnational projects

4 Requirements concerning transnational cooperation by 2013
4.1 Advancing and adjusting the programmes
4.2 Generating strategical projects
4.3 Results of the first calls in the cooperation areas
4.4 Support of transnational projects through national bodies and programmes

5 Outlook: Benefit and future of transnational cooperation

Annex: Cooperation area profiles
Alpine Space
Central Europe
North Sea Region
North-West Europe
Baltic Sea Region