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Energy in the quarter

(original title: Energie im Quartier)

IzR 4/2017
Hrsg.: BBSR

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Wolfgang Neußer

Energy in the quarter
An introduction

The energy turnaround is a process that affects the entire society. The actors must come to terms consciously with the theme energy production and CO2-avoidance in their role as market participants and residents in their home environment.

Klaus Habermann-Nieße,
Kirsten Klehn,
Gregor Langenbrinck,
Armin Raatz

Energetic urban rehabilitation
Conceiving urban development and energy together

The introduction and the first years of the KfW-programme "Energetic Urban Rehabilitation" were accompanied by a research team. The experience from local practice indicates the factors of success for the implementation of energetic urban renewal.

Jens Libbe,
Robert Riechel

Shaping the heating turnaround in the municipalities
Technical transformation paths and municipal transformation management

The heating turnaround is considered as the key to achieving the goals of local climate and energy policy. But how can the process be organised and accelerated? The project "TransStadt" has developed recommendations for a municipal transformation management.

Heike Erhorn-Kluttig,
Hans Erhorn

Energetic balancing of quarters
in the research initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) EnEffStadt

The accompanying research to the BMWi research initiative EnEffStadt has developed an energetic balancing method for urban quarters and has implemented it in initially twelve projects. Are the projects reaching the envisaged goals?

Michael Hiete et al.

Energetic rehabilitation of dwellings in the quarter
Instruments that are specific for target groups

The energetic rehabilitation of dwellings helps to reach the goals of climate policy. The project "Sandy", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) develops approaches for the involvement of owners specifically for target groups.

Kerstin Heitmann,
Gunnar Grün,
Günter Pfeifer

Conservation-oriented and energy-efficient rehabilitation
A challenge for all participants

Historic quarters and individual monuments characterise our cities and municipalities. In addition there is the stated climate objective. How is it possible to conserve the building heritage and to take account of the requirements of energy efficiency, economic efficiency and comfort at the same time, before buildings are threatened by the loss of functions and dereliction? 33 demonstration projects all over Germany combine building conservation and energy efficiency in an exemplary manner.

"Our integrated approach belongs to the future"

In the interview with the editors of IzR, Torsten Weißenfels explains which significance "energetic urban rehabilitation" has for the energy turnaround, how the Federal Government and the federal states cooperate in this field and which role the approach of the energetic quarter plays internationally.

Wolfgang Neußer

Energetic rehabilitation of the quarter
Outlook and external framework conditions

How will the energetic rehabilitation of quarters continue? One thing is clear: not only technical but also communication- and behaviour-oriented questions must be considered further through different research approaches in the future.

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