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European Atlas of Services of General Interest

Ed.: BBSR, Bonn 2013

In the context of the ESPON project “Indicators and perspectives for services of general interest in territorial cohesion and development (SeGI)”, the BBSR developed an atlas presenting the current spatial situation of institutions providing services of general interest in Europe. In the publication, services of general interest, their various forms, tasks and functions are said to be of essential importance for the well-being of people, for the quality of life, for social participation and the general functioning of the society. Their importance reminds public authorities of their duty to ensure their supply with a certain standard of quality, availability, accessibility and affordability.
The atlas presents maps and explanations dealing with technical and social services of general interest. It thus covers a majority of important indicators developed based on latest European statistical data. An introductory chapter also describes concepts, definitions and methods applied within the SeGI project, explaining the results and highlighting problems and challenges arising from the analysis of services of general interest.

Responsibility for the text
Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development within the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Bonn
Ina Marie Breuer
Antonia Milbert

free of charge available from:, reference: SeGI Atlas