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ESPON project 1.4.1 The role of small and medium-sized towns


Project duration: 2006

Large cities and especially metropolises stand in the forefront of the current urban-political debates. Small and medium-sized towns seem to play a subordinate role on the European and also national map. On regional and local levels, their perceived value and importance change. In the regional and local context, these types of cities take over functions and roles which depend on their location. The typical small or medium-sized town does not exist but there is a large variety and this especially in the European context.

The ESPON project 1.4.1 "The role of small and medium-sized towns" determined the current research status and requirements regarding the ESPON Programme. The project group assumed in their approach that small and medium-sized towns cannot necessarily be determined according to their population or size but that their role and function in the spatial context are the central and decisive factors.

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