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ESPON project 3.2 Spatial scenarios in relation to the ESDP and EU cohesion policy


Project duration: 2004-2006

The main objective of project 3.2 was to develop scenarios concerning spatial development. The preparation of the scenarios should follow an innovative, creative and versatile methodical approach and concentrate on the political objectives of the ESDP and of cohesion policy to support a balanced and sustainable spatial development in Europe. The scenarios are supposed to show pro-active, alternative aims regarding the territorial objectives of the EU policies and give recommendations for necessary policy amendments to achieve a balanced and polycentric territory in a larger Europe. The time horizons for the spatial scenarios are 2015 in the medium term and 2030 in the long term.

At the same time, project 3.2 was the successor project of project 3.1 and served the scientific and technical coordination of the ESPON Programme. One of the main tasks in this area and in the whole ESPON Programme is the maintenance and expansion of the central database as a central data pool of the ESPON Programme and also for the cartographic design and geometrical basic data.

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