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Action programme "Demonstration Projects of Spatial Planning (MORO)"

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The action programme "Demonstration Projects of Spatial Planning (MORO)", is supposed to promote exemplary concrete projects and studies, which pursue new approaches in spatial and sub-regional planning. The annual commitment limits of the title are approx. 1 million Euros. The action programme offers a possibility on federal level for the policy field of spatial planning to actively support the necessary implementation of an action- and project-oriented spatial planning policy from the side of the Federal government.

In the period between 1996 and 2000, the programme concentrated on the following

  • Sustainable regional development (through regional cooperation) 
  • Transnational collaboration.

With the main focus sustainable regional development, the implementation of the general principles of a sustainable, future-oriented spatial development and the region as implementation level of corresponding spatial planning activities was at the centre. Tested were:

  • Regional conferences
  • Regional management concepts in structurally weak areas
  • Regional redevelopment and development areas
  • Urban networks
  • Competition "Regions of the future".

The main focus transnational collaboration involved the further development of the European Spatial Development Perspective and the activities to promote the spatial development collaboration with the EU.

From 2001 on, the support to carry out the action programme for the implementation of the European Spatial Development Perspectives, which was decided on by the ministers for spatial planning in the EU member states in 1999, was at the centre. The following were initiated:   

  • The carrying out of key projects, which were identified in the scope of the spatial planning development concepts in the Baltic Sea Area (VASAB 2010+) and in the CADSES Area (Vision Planet) and also the carrying out of spatial planning projects to support the transformation process in South Eastern Europe
  • The inclusion of the accession states into the network of spatial-scientific research institutes of the ESPON (European Spatial Planning Observation Network).

Since 2003, the action programme has refocused on national activities.
Thematic priorities are:

  • Sustainable settlement development
  • Infrastructure and demographic change.

With the methodical-conceptual further development of the tool demonstration projects,
the main focus in the future should be that 

  • the selection of the demonstration projects happens in comparison with alternatives, more so than up to now, in order to find better solutions, and
  • the links between the action- and project-oriented newer spatial development policy and the regionally significant sectoral planning are improved.