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Energy and climate policy

In the areas of energy and environment, the BBSR specifies in technical terms urban and regional planning concepts and supports their implementation in policy. It also adds a spatial component to sectoral planning.

In the development of energy concepts adapted to settlement structures and in the execution of model projects, the BBSR has shown through its example how to implement urban and regional planning from a point of view of climate protection, as well as how to utilise energy potentials efficiently in terms of spatial structure. Furthermore, its work is focused on analyses on the regional distribution of potentials of renewable energy sources as well as on the development of action plans for sustainable and environmentally friendly spatial development.

The tasks of the BBSR also include descriptions, analyses and recommendations for action concerning nature conservation and measures for preventive flood control - even though the primary control competence for these areas lies with technical policies such as nature conservation or water management. As well, in accordance with the key concept of sustainable development, it also examines the ecological impact of transportation and energy in terms of urban and regional aspects.