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Transport policy

In the areas of transport and mobility, the BBSR expands, in technical terms, upon urban and regional planning concepts and supports their implementation in policy. Moreover, a spatial component of mobility and transport infrastructure is added to sectoral planning.

Transport infrastructure and transport services are of fundamental importance to the functionality of society and the economy. Transport in this context is a means for realising mobility and thus serves to guarantee equal opportunities when participating in social or economic processes of exchange. The goal is to connect the locations of activity of work, economic, educational and social institutions for as many population groups as possible and, by such linkage to regional/urban development, to create efficient spatial and transport system structures.

In contrast to the term "transport", which is rather technical and used in connection with infrastructure, the term "mobility" also includes the social and spatial components. This way, the question of mobility opportunities for all is included.

Through analyses, research activities and model projects, perspectives are shown that can lead to sustainable and spatially compatible settlement, mobility and transport structures.