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Land use policy

In the areas of land and landscape, the BBSR is tasked with analysing the development of land uses, to specify in technical terms urban and regional planning concepts, to support their implementation in policy, and to add to sectoral planning the spatial component.

The control of land use, as planned, is traditionally carried out in Germany on the basis of a differentiated system of spatial planning and, increasingly, also informal instruments. The federal government provides coordination assistance to states, regions and, in particular, cities and municipalities in the realisation of efficient land use policies. The tasks of the BBSR include, besides land use monitoring, the further development of land use indicators and circular land use management strategy, as well as, not least, the execution of land-based departmental research projects and events.

The BBSR also promotes discussion in the action field of cultivated landscape, as well as projects that deal with the tasks and scope for action in regional planning within the context of cultivated landscape development and that contribute to the specification of the task area.