The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

Department WB "Housing and Building"

Management: LBD Dr. Robert Kaltenbrunner

Office management: Alexander Esch, phone +49 228 99401-2501,

Department WB works at the interface between policy, research and practice and provides technically based policy advice in the areas of building, housing and architecture.

In one of the first columns, a separate group, "Housing" provides policymakers with analyses and reports in the housing and property market, housing industry, costs reductions and housing benefit areas. It regularly produces housing forecasts and deals with relevant departmental research topics.

In a second column, Department WB works on questions of principle relating to building, energy saving, "Sustainable building" and construction industry problems. It draws up technical guidelines for federally-owned buildings and optimises their overall energy efficiency. It also manages the relevant departmental research projects or carries them out itself.

Department WB also performs administrative and procedural tasks for the Ministry's relevant subject areas - including representing the department in national and international committees - as well as organising events and publishing results and opinions.

All organisational units have been set up as centres of technical responsibility and competence. The current focuses and projects are determined in an annual working programme in consultation with the BMWSB.

  • Division WB 1 "General Housing and Property Markets"
  • Division WB 2 "Instrumente zur Emissionsminderung im Gebäudebereich"
  • Division WB 3 "Construction Research and Innovation"
  • Division WB 4 "Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry"
  • Division WB 5 "Grundlagen und Systematik des nachhaltigen Bauens"
  • Division WB 6 "Instrumente des ressourcenschonenden und klimaangepassten Bauens"
  • Division WB 7 "Climate-Neutral Building Operation"
  • Division WB 8 "Housing and Society"
  • Division WB 9 "Housing and Climate Protection, Construction Industry"

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