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Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030

A new atlas of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community illustrates the development of the regions in Europe.

Map: Population development in local authorities in Europe (refer to: Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030)

Housing Policies in the European Union

Project updated: Against the backdrop of the German EU Council Presidency in 2020, the BBSR conducted a comparative research project on housing policies in the European Union. The project provides a comprehensive overview of the different programmatic approaches and characteristics of national housing policies.

Date: 2021.02.25 Document type: Research Project

The urban dimension in the EU structural policy 2014-2020

Project completed: The project analysed the promotion of the urban dimension in the Structural Funding period 2014-2020 on the basis of all operational programmes in Germany. On this basis, the project team worked out guidelines for the subsequent 2021-2027 funding period.

Date: 2021.02.24 Document type: Research Project

Evaluation of the 2016 housing benefit reform

Project completed: The study has analysed the development of housing benefit (Wohngeld) in the period 2009 to 2015 and presents the resulting need for reform (including ex ante expectations). An ex post impact analysis of the 2016 housing benefit reform was also conducted.

Date: 2021.02.05 Document type: Research Project

Support to the revision of the Territorial Agenda

Project completed: On 1 December 2020 ministers of the EU member states adopted the Territorial Agenda 2030. This Demonstration Project of Spatial Planning (MORO) has supported the German EU Council Presidency with the intergovernmental preparation of the text document and in the implementation phase.

Date: 2021.01.22 Document type: Research Project

People and Success Stories 2019

Project completed: The focus of the competition "Menschen und Erfolge 2019" was "Living in small towns and communities of rural areas" and searched for projects that have successfully contributed to the improvement of housing and the living environment.

Date: 2020.11.17 Document type: Research Project

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Settlement in a wine-growing region (refer to: Spatial development)
View of the city of Bonn on the Rhine (refer to: Urban centres and regions)
Residential houses under construction (refer to: Building)
View of a clean modern residential complex (refer to: Housing and real estate)
a man is operating a futuristic digital interface (refer to: Digitisation)
People have a barbecue party outdoors (refer to: Society)
clean energy power plant on a lake with wind turbines and solar panels (refer to: Energy, climate and the environment)
car and bicycle traffic in a city (refer to: Transport and mobility)

Current publications

Corona und Stadtentwicklung

Neue Perspektiven in der Krise?

Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue 4/2020 |

Research News

Research News Issue No. 2/2020 |

Discussion Forum on Spatial Development

Spatial development policy for a just and green Europe: "The Territorial Agenda 2030"

MORO Informationen Issue Issue 14/9 |

The urban dimension in the EU Cohesion Policy in Germany

EU Funding Period 2014–2020

Individual publication

Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030

Maps on European Territorial Development

Individual publication

India, Germany and Europe

A Spatial Perspective at SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities

BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 15/2020 |

India, Germany and Europe

A Spatial Perspective at SDG 3 on Good Health and Well-Being

BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 11/2020 |

India, Germany and Europe

A Spatial Perspective at SDG 4 on Quality Education

BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 13/2020 |

Equivalent living conditions in Europe: Between dissatisfaction and cooperation

original title: Gleichwertigkeit in Europa – Zwischen Unzufriedenheit und Zusammenarbeit

Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue 3/2019 |


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