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Future-oriented town and city centres

A new federal programme introduced this year is to subsidise 238 municipalities from all over Germany to support them in the development of their town and city centres.

Motion Blur of People Walking in the City (refer to: Future-oriented town and city centres)

Density and mixed-use: Innovative approaches to redensification in German and American cities

Project started: This project supports cities by exploring tools for building density and mixed-uses in both countries.

Date: 09 December 2021 Document type: Research Project

Urban Gardening (with forest gardens) – Feasibility study

Project completed: The results of this project provide a comprehensive overview of the recent status of Urban Gardening in German cities. Furthermore, it was investigated how these - different - forms of gardening can continue to be supported and considered in a legal framework.

Date: 05 November 2021 Document type: Research Project

Spatial development of Germany in Europe

The exhibition on spatial development in Germany and Europe, first shown at the Southeast University (SEU) in Nanjing, China, features knowledge about the German planning system and spatial development trends mainly for a Chinese speaking and international audience.

Date: 20 September 2021 Document type: Specialist article

Our topics

Settlement in a wine-growing region (refer to: Spatial development)
View of the city of Bonn on the Rhine (refer to: Urban centres and regions)
Residential houses under construction (refer to: Building)
View of a clean modern residential complex (refer to: Housing and real estate)
a man is operating a futuristic digital interface (refer to: Digitalisation)
People have a barbecue party outdoors (refer to: Society)
clean energy power plant on a lake with wind turbines and solar panels (refer to: Energy, climate and the environment)
car and bicycle traffic in a city (refer to: Transport and mobility)

Current publications

Multi-Level Analysis of Urban and Spatial Development

original title: Stadtentwicklung beobachten, messen und umsetzen

Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue 1/2021 |

The New Leipzig Charter:
Synthesis and focus

Empowering cities to act in pursuit of the common good

Individual publication


of urban development for the common good

Individual publication

Housing and property markets in Germany 2020
BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 08/2021 |

5 Years of Educational Buildings conformant with the Efficiency House Plus Standard

Insights from the Accompanying Research

Individual publication

German Small Town Academy – Pilot Phase

Empowerment of Small Towns through collaboration, consulting and networking

Individual publication

Research News Research News Issue No. 2/2020 |


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