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Hamburg City Hall (refer to: Research News)

Structure of the construction backlog and its reasons

Project completed: The construction backlog in Germany, i.e. the number of dwellings approved but not yet completed, has increased in recent years. At the end of 2021, the construction backlog will comprise a good 845,000 dwellings nationwide. The research project therefore analysed the structures and changes in the construction backlog and the underlying reasons.

Date: 02 June 2023 Document type: Research Project

Spatial structure analysis of lignite regions

Publication (in German): The analysis takes the term "lignite regions" as a basis, which suggests that the initial spatial conditions are principally similar. Spatial peculiarities and individual features of the structural change areas are compared with each other.

Date: 31 May 2023 Document type: News

Bundespreis Stadtgrün 2022

Project completed: The award-winning practical examples show how municipalities use their urban green to positively influence the urban climate and reduce the negative effects of extreme weather. The urban green concepts are presented in five video portraits.

Date: 22 May 2023 Document type: Research Project

Abandoned villages – new villages

Publication (in German): Lignite mining activities in Germany have led to the displacement of more than 400 villages and over 130.000 affected villagers. The paper focuses on the perspectives of people who have experienced resettlements to derive social consequences and opportunities of those processes.

Date: 10 May 2023 Document type: News

Post-Corona: Where are the new places of longing?

Publication (in German): Recently a certain longing for living outside the big cities has surfaced. The explanation needs more than to refer to the pandemic. A research project has developed an index to measure the attractiveness of cities in order to give the yearning a rational ground.

Date: 08 May 2023 Document type: News

How do residents rate their neighbourhood?

Publication (in German): Urban development funding aims to make subsidized areas attractive places to live. Survey results reveal differences in satisfaction levels between subsidized and non-subsidized areas. The funding targets areas with greater challenges, enabling municipalities to make targeted improvements.

Date: 06 May 2023 Document type: News

Electricity derived from renewable energy

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations – in short SDGs – also refer as part of the 2030 Agenda to electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

Date: 05 May 2023 Document type: Specialist article

Support for sufficiency approaches in the building sector

Project completed: Sufficiency can make a significant contribution to climate protection and other sustainability goals in the building sector. To this end, the project identified approaches, quantified potential savings and described proposals for policy instruments.

Date: 04 May 2023 Document type: Research Project

Successful strategies and barriers to the implementation of integrated urban development concepts

Project completed: The project identified challenges and strategies for success of integrated urban development concepts. A practice-oriented handbook summarises the analysed strategies and successful practical examples.

Date: 28 April 2023 Document type: Research Project

Significant restraint in the market with rental housing portfolios in 2022

Publication (in German): In the year 2022, the trading volume on the market with existing housing portfolios dropped notably. In addition to that, the number of sales transactions remained on a low level.

Date: 25 April 2023 Document type: News

Online Conference “Putting the Territorial Agenda 2030 into practice“

Two and a half years ago, the Territorial Agenda 2030 was adopted – it is now time for a first stocktaking of Pilot Action results. The conference will provide a review on the implementation of the TA2030 so far and an outlook on further implementation.

Date: 11 April 2023 Document type: Event

Annual report of the Competence Centre for Regional Development 2022

Publication (in German): The annual report illustrates how the Competence Centre for Regional Development Cottbus as part of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development supports Germany's process of phasing-out coal with academic expertise and pracitical advice.

Date: 31 March 2023 Document type: News

Territorial Agenda 2030: resilience as an opportunity for lagging regions

Project updated: The BBSR is implementing one of the six Europe-wide pilot actions of the Territorial Agenda 2030. A new publication shows how the resilience approach can be useful for regional development.

Date: 27 March 2023 Document type: Research Project

Report on the situation and perspectives of the construction industry 2023

Publication (in German): The BBSR offers every year a compact overview of the development of the construction industry. For the first time since 2013, construction volume fell by 2% in real terms last year.

Date: 10 February 2023 Document type: News

How up-to-date are spatial development plans in Germany in 2021?

Publication (in German): State-wide and regional spatial structure plans are regularly updated. The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) monitors this development via its Regional Spatial Structure Plan Monitor (ROPLAMO).

Date: 18 January 2023 Document type: News

Report on urban development funding 2020/21

Publication (in German): The BBSR publishes a report on the Urban Development Support programme every two years. This first report deals with the transition of the programme to a new structure. The authors also take a look at future main topics and tasks.

Date: 28 December 2022 Document type: News

Atlas of Urban and Regional Development

Publication (in German): The new Atlas of Urban and Regional Development by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) focuses on the spatial effects of COVID-19. Maps and graphs offer a multifaceted overview of regional differences in living conditions.

Date: 23 December 2022 Document type: News

Housing and commercial real estate in Germany 2021

Publication (in German): What are the most important challenges facing the real estate market? This publication summarizes the experiential know-how of real estate experts gained from the annual survey of the "BBSR Real Estate Market Expert Panel".

Date: 09 December 2022 Document type: News

Home-ownership formation and living space consumption

Publication (in German): This publication presents the results of a scientific survey, which interviewed private home-ownership. The results are combined with forecasts on the development of per-capita living space, ownership rates and the developement of the number of households.

Date: 28 November 2022 Document type: News

Sales activity with housing portfolios in the first half of 2022 at a low level

Publication (in German): I the first half-year 2022, the trading volume on the market with existing housing portfolios dropped off. In addition to that, the number of sales transactions remained on a low level.

Date: 02 November 2022 Document type: News

Regional convergences in Germany

Publication (in German): In the context of adequately equal living conditions the dynamics of regional convergence processes are of great importance. The analysis shows the convergence of German regions between 2005 and 2020.

Date: 24 October 2022 Document type: News

Narratives in urban development

Publication (in German): What are narratives? What role do they play in the context of urban development? And how can they be meaningfully analyzed? This publication treats the relevance of narratives and sets out how they shape planning concepts as well as theoretical discourses.

Date: 16 August 2022 Document type: News

Spatial structure and importance of the airport landscape in Germany

Publication (in German): The air traffic infrastructure and the efficient connection to air traffic are relevant for securing the international competitiveness of the economy and the quality of life in Germany. The 23 main airports form the backbone for the transport of passengers and air freight.

Date: 25 July 2022 Document type: News

Small-scale trends in urban rental housing markets

Publication (in German): This current analysis of small-scale data on the rental housing markets in the IRB cities shows how diverse urban rental housing markets in Germany are.

Date: 23 June 2022 Document type: News

Increase in trading of rental housing portfolios in 2021

Publication (in German): In the year 2021, the trading volume on the market with existing housing portfolios increased significantly. This is due to one extensive corporate takeover in the fall of 2021. By contrast, the number of sales transactions has remained on the same level as in the previous years.

Date: 24 May 2022 Document type: News

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