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Publication The European concept for spatial development and spatial planning in Germany

IzR 3/4.2000, Ed.: BBR

Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Published: April 2000

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Scientific Editor: Dr. Karl Peter Schön

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Ulrich Battis
The implementation of the ESDP in German spatial planning

Manfred Sinz
Does European spatial development policy have impacts at the national, regional and municipal levels?

Stefan Krätke
Strengthening and further development of the polycentric settlement system in Europe. Conclusions from the ESDP

Astrid Ziegler
European spatial development and the strengthening of the labour market. Conclusions from the ESDP

Klaus J. Beckmann
Space and transport in Germany. Conclusions from the ESDP

Hubert Job, Sabine Weizenegger, Daniel Metzler
Strategies to safeguard the European natural and cultural heritage: the view of the ESDP

Brigitte Ahlke
INTERREG II C - transnational programmes and projects for the implementation of the ESDP

Dieter Ewringmann, Angelika Perner
Sustainable spatial development in Europe. Conclusions from the ESDP

Petr Dostál
The European Spatial Development Perspective and the Accession Countries: Polycentric Guidelines Versus Uneven Spatial Development
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