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Publication German unity - looking back to the first decade

IzR 2/3.2001, Ed.: BBR

Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Published: March 2001

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Scientific Editor: Dr. Steffen Maretzke

Kurzfassungen/Abstracts (PDF, 33KB, File meets accessibility standards)


Helmut Karl
Transformation, integration and regional development of the East German economy. A survey after ten years of German unity

Steffen Maretzke
Today's differences in the regional structure determine tomorrow's trends. East German regions on the waiting line?

Helmut Seitz
Financing and financial problems of the new Länder

Reinhard Liebscher, Heidrun Schmidtke
Women in the East German transformation process. The example of Brandenburg

Eleonore Irmen, Steffen Maretzke, Antonia Milbert
Regional development potentials in the new Länder - expectations and reality

Ferdinand Böltken
On the evaluation of housing and living conditions in East and West Germany

Peter Dehne
Regional planning in the new federal Länder - success or failure? The example of the Mecklenburg Lake District

Wolf Beyer
Spatial monitoring in Brandenburg: a look into the past, the present and the future

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