The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

Publication Spatial development in city regions

IzR 9.2002, Ed.: BBR

Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Published: September 2002

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Scientific Editor: Dr. Brigitte Adam

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Juliet F. Gainsborough
The Politics of Sprawl: Variation in Public Support for Slowing Growth
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Georg Tobler
Policy for urban agglomerations in Switzerland: on the way towards a competitive urban system. Objectives, strategies and measures of the new agglomeration policy of the Federal Government

Brigitte Adam, Jürgen Göddecke-Stellmann
Metropolitan regions - concepts, definitions and challenges

Benjamin Davy
Turbulent boundaries. Ruhr 2030, a region of cities

Ivo Krings
Visions for regions. Visual concepts to shape regions: shared dreams of guidance?

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