The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

Publication Equivalent regional living conditions?

IzR 6/7.2006, Ed.: BBR

Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Published: July 2006

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Scientific Editor: Dr. Hans-Peter Gatzweiler

Kurzfassungen/Abstracts (PDF, 104KB, File meets accessibility standards)


Wendelin Strubelt
In search of the equivalence of living conditions - or the search for lost meaning of time?

Rupert Kawka, Gabriele Sturm
Objective regional quality of life and subjective well-being. What makes citizens content?

Hans-Peter Gatzweiler, Antonia Milbert
Regional disparities in employment opportunities. Sufficient reason for a spatial policy oriented towards balance?

Steffen Maretzke
Regional rankings - a suitable instrument for a comparative evaluation of regional living conditions?

Thomas Pütz, Martin Spangenberg
Future maintenance of the provision of essential services. How many central places are necessary?

Markus Sigismund
Regional disaprities in housing supplies - still a problem?

Rupert Kawka
Differences in the cost of living - a balance for regional disparities?

Markus Eltges
Equivalent regional living conditions and their fiscal basis

Peter Jakubowski, Eckhard Bergmann
More competitive elements fo spatial planning policy!

Karl Peter Schön
Territorial cohesion at the European level - aims and means

Robert Kaltenbrunner
The difference to the same. Equivalence of living conditions - only a myth of German policy?

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