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Publication Twenty years German unity – a retrospect at the passed two decades

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 10/11.2010 Published: September 2010 Language: German

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Scientific Editor: Dr. Steffen Maretzke

All articles are in German.


Gregor Lackmann, Michael Zarth
On supporting measures for the East German convergence process through fiscal balancing systems and spatially effective federal funds

Gabriele Sturm, Antje Walther
The adjustment of living conditions since the unification of Germany - the citizens' view

Gerhard Heimpold
Between de-industrialisation and re-industrialisation. Is the East German industry a stability factor of regional economic development?

Jürgen Göddecke-Stellmann, Thorsten Wagener
Urban development promotion - an important companion of the East German transformation process

Björn Alecke, Anne Otto, Gerhard Untiedt
R&D and innovations in East Germany: structural differences determine the backlog

Uwe Blien, Johann Fuchs, Van Phan thi Hong
Development of the labour market in East German regions

Steffen Maretzke
Demographic change - a determining side effect of the East German transformation process

Markus Eltges, Renate Müller-Kleißler
20 years after the unification: municipal finances in an east-west comparison

Steffen Maretzke
Where do the East German regions stand today? The coexistence of growth processes and losses of potential

Wilfried Görmar
20 years European integration: East German regions in the development splits between Western and Eastern Europe

Gerhard Fisch
Current challenges of the East German transformation process for regional structural policy

Joachim Ragnitz
Need for economic policy action in East Germany in the future

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