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Publication Civic investments in the energy turn

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 9/10.2012 Published: August 2012 Language: German

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Scientific Editors:
Dr. Peter Jakubowski ( ),
Annika Koch ( )

All articles are in German.


Peter Jakubowski, Annika Koch
Energy turn, civic investments and regional development

Jan Hildebrand, Irina Rau, Petra Schweizer-Ries
The significance of decentralised participation processes for the acceptance of the development of renewable energy. A consideration from the perspective of environmental psychology

Wolfgang George
Advantages of cooperative society solutions in the energy turn

Richard Volz
The significance and the potentials of energy cooperative societies in Germany. An empirical investigation

Uwe Greff, Johannes Prahl
Sustainable investments in the energy turn with the participation of the banks and savings banks

Katrin Gehles
Citizens contribute to financing. Practical examples for investment products such as climate savings bonds, subordinated loans or dormant equity holdings

Vera Ptacek
The Jurenergie registered cooperative: a civic energy cooperative society on the way towards success

Reinhold Kosfeld
Regional added value effects of different forms of organisation in electricity production from biomass

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