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Publication Housing in Old Age

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 2.2013 Published: June 2013 Language: German

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Scientific Editor: Verena Lihs ( )

All articles are in German.


Verena Lihs
Stock and Demand of Age-Appropriate Housing

Rolf G. Heinze
Suitable Housing for the Elderly: Current Situation, General Framework and New Structures

Markus Foltin
From the Practice of a Demographic Representative: Bensheim's Answer to Demographic Change

Monika Schneider
Task and Structure of the Advice Centres for the Adaptation of Housing Space

Eckhard Feddersen
For Ageless Housing - Barrier-Reducing Conversion in Universal Design

Micha Fedrowitz, Sabine Matzke
Community Housing for the Elderly

Ruth Stieglitz
Living and Housing in Old Age in Mönchengladbach

Ilse Helbrecht
Residential Property Instead of Pension? Demographic Change and Retirement Provision in Eight European Countries in Comparison

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