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Publication Resilience

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 4.2013 Published: November 2013 Language: German

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Scientific Editors:
Peter Jakubowski ( ),
Robert Kaltenbrunner ( )

All articles are in German.


Robert Kaltenbrunner
Mobilisation of social movement energies. From sustainability to resilience – and back again?

Dieter Schott
Catastrophes, crises and urban resilience: Taking a closer look at urban history

Angelus Eisinger
And now resilience as well. Some sceptical thoughts on a fashionable figure of thinking from the perspective of urban history

Thomas Sieverts
At the beginning of an urban development era of resilience? Consequences for architecture, urban development and politics

Jörg Plöger, Thilo Lang
Resilience as stability: on the adaptation of Bremen and Leipzig to economic structural change

Olaf Schnur
Resilient development of neighbourhoods? An approach with the Panarchy model of adaptive cycles

Peter Jakubowski, Gregor Lackmann, Michael Zarth
On the resilience of regional labour markets – theoretical considerations and empirical findings

Peter Jakubowski
Resilience – an additional figure of thinking for good urban development

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