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Publication Shopping - in the city?

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 1.2014 Published: April 2014 Language: German

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Scientific Editor: Christiane Kalka

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Robert Kaltenbrunner
The urbanistic repertoire of shopping
On shopping centres, flagship stores and discount urban development

Michael Reink
Current developments and future trends in retailing - and possible spatial impacts
on the inner city

Olaf Bischopink
Presentation and critical evaluation of the impacts of the existing and
practised set of instruments to control retail trade

Ricarda Ruland
Retail trade in the historic city - challenges and chances

Christiane Kalka
What would you like?
Window-shopping in the inner city – along actors, interests, projects and processes

Jens Imorde, Rolf Junker
Shopping yes, but not in the department store!?

Franz Pesch
Integration and urbanity – future perspectives of inner-city shopping centres

Wolfgang Christ
Consumption culture and spatial structure – current developments
in the USA and Great Britain

Klaus Overmeyer
Fringes of the consumption-oriented city – a commentary

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