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Publication Unity and difference

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 5.2015 Published: December 2015 Language: German

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This year we are commemorating the treaty on the unification of Germany, which set the agenda for a common future of the country 25 years ago. Against this background we are searching for evidence together with our authors of different disciplines – back into the future. In this context, the issue is not only to consider how our country and our society have changed since 1990, whether “what belongs together has grown together”, where landscapes bloom and what has perhaps fallen by the wayside. Even 25 years later, there are considerable differences between the western and the eastern part of the present republic.

Scientific Editor:
Gabriele Sturm

All articles are in German.


Gabriele Sturm
(no Abstract)

Ádám Radvánszki
East-West disparities in Europe: an issue of the past?

Gesine Krischausky, Petra Kuhlmann
Kaleidoscope: state presence and conception of society I
(no Abstract)

Christoph Asendorf
Berlin – stage of power

Gesine Krischausky, Petra Kuhlmann, Gabriele Sturm
Kaleidoscope: state presence and conception of society II
(no Abstract)

Béatrice von Hirschhausen, Caroline Garrido, Marie Hocquet
Beyond political breaks?
Berlin's phantom boundaries in current practices and discourses

Christel Köhle-Hezinger
The lowboy.
Housing memories from eastern Germany

Markus Burgdorf, Lukas Kiel, Gabriele Sturm
Kaleidoscope: financial and socio-cultural resources
(no Abstract)

Christine Weiske
Conflicts in an ageing city

Wolfgang Kil
Rural scenes
The Uckermark as a landscape of transformation

Antonia Milbert
Kaleidoscope: spatial mobility
(no Abstract)

Wendelin Strubelt
On the persistence of rural structures
taking the example of urban development in the (East) German transformation process as a case in point

Ricarda Ruland
The unification of Germany mirrored by the protection of historical buildings and monuments in urban development

Nadine Körner-Blätgen
Kaleidoscope: minors in German states – what does which map show?
(no Abstract)

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