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Publication Controversy about the extension of wind energy

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 6.2015 Published: January 2016 Language: German

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Since the nuclear catastrophe in Japan in the year 2011, the Federal Government and the federal states have been forcing the extension of the use of renewable energies. This is particularly true for the extension of wind energy. The federal states are reacting very differently to the challenges of the energy turnaround. The controversial planning approach to the challenges of the energy turnaround is the subject of this issue of the journal "Informationen zur Raumentwicklung".

Scientific Editor:
Brigitte Zaspel-Heisters ( )

All articles are in German.


Brigitte Zaspel-Heisters, Klaus Einig
(no Abstract)

Brigitte Zaspel-Heisters
How much space remains for the extension of wind energy?
Analysis of the space potential in the area of the Federal Republic of Germany

Klaus Einig, Brigitte Zaspel-Heisters
An assessment of the regulation of wind energy use by spatial planning after Fukushima

Jana Bovet
Regulation of wind energy by spatial planning
Current case law as a challenge for planning

Petra Overwien, Ulrike Groenewald
Much ado about wind. Current challenges for regional planning in Brandenburg.

Gerd Rojahn
Regulation of renewable energies in Rhineland-Palatinate
Extending the use of wind energy and securing nature and the landscape

Nina Hehn, Manfred Miosga
The future of wind energy in Bavaria after the introduction of the "10 h-regulation"

Thomas Kiwitt
Regulation of wind energy facilities by regional planning in the Stuttgart region

Jürgen Quentin
Analysis of the duration and costs of wind energy project planning

Julia Zilles, Carolin Schwarz
Citizen protests against wind energy in Germany
Organisation and strategies for action

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Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR)

Multi-Level Analysis of Urban and Spatial Development

original title: Stadtentwicklung beobachten, messen und umsetzen

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