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Publication Online participation in urban development

original title: Online-Partizipation in der Stadtentwicklung

Cover: IzR 6/2017

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 6/2017 Published: March 2018 ISSN: 0303-2493 Language: German

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Generally many different actors are involved in the processes and projects of urban development. This is also because the conception of participation has changed in the past decades. Meanwhile cities are offering various procedures with which they enter into a dialogue with the citizens. Although it is still relatively young, online participation has also evolved considerably: cities, enterprises and citizens spread information on websites, videos or newsletters and exchange opinions in chats, blogs and other dialogue-based offers.

However, cities let citizens participate very differently in qualitative terms. For this reason the next issue considers the question where the chances of online participation can be found and which problems still have to be solved. Which concrete factors influence participation positively and negatively? Who communicates which whom, about what, why and how? Which role does transparency play and how can it be produced? Analyses, reports and interviews from and with scientists, practitioners and collaborators from the cities and municipalities consider these and many other questions.

All articles are in German.

Dr. Marion Klemme ( ),
Dr. Lars Wiesemann ( ),
Prof. Dr. Claus C. Wiegandt,
Daniel Regnery, Friederike Vogel

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