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Publication Potentials of spatial planning:
Recognising chances, shaping the future

original title: Potenziale der Raumordnung: Chancen erkennen, Zukunft gestalten

Cover: IzR 3/2018

Editor: BBSR Series: Informationen zur Raumentwicklung (IzR) Issue: 3/2018 Published: September 2018 ISSN: 0303-2493 Language: German

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The demographic development creates different challenges for Germany. Different strategies are necessary to provide services and goods for the everyday needs of the population, depending on the region. But how can services of general interest be secured? The current issue of IzR shows that spatial planning can contribute much to this.

Spatial planning coordinates and moderates the varied and often competing claims of uses on space and its resources. Therefore it paves the way in many everyday questions that occupy people everywhere in the country. "Spatial planners" do not only plan routes for new roads or set the framework for different land uses – for instance for large-scale retailing, industry, trade of wind energy. They also consider themes such as flood prevention, adaptation to climate change and the securing of natural resources. But how can the undisputed great potentials of spatial planning be used in a better way in the future?

The authors consider these questions in this issue. They outline the current state and the future development of spatial planning. Examples from selected sectors show what is possible – but also where challenges are (still) expected. The cooperation of the Federal Government, the federal states, the regions and sector planning are in the focus just like special strategies and instruments. There is one thing that the authors show again and again – sometimes latently, sometimes very directly: how spatial planning can shape the future, in order to pursue the aim of equivalent living conditions from the large city to the small rural municipality.

All articles are in German.

Dr. Matthias Furkert ( ),
Dr. Fabian Dosch, Dr. Rupert Kawka,
Svenja Skowronski, Brigitte Zaspel-Heisters,
Daniel Regnery, Friederike Vogel

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