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Editor: BBSR Series: Research News Issue: No. 2/2020 Published: February 2021 ISSN: 1437-5850 URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-2021031213525055368791 Language: English


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The information bulletin "Research News" informs in short reports about the work and research results of departments I and II. It draws attention to current publications and events and reports on relevant activities in the field of spatial planning, urban development and housing policy in which the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) within the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) is involved. "Research News" is published twice a year.

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  • New Leipzig Charter for urban development
  • European Territorial Agenda 2030
  • Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030


  • Socially mixed, newly built neighbourhoods: social diversity is possible!
  • Change in the importance of municipal housing stocks
  • Housing policies in the European Union: comparative research project illustrates Europe’s diversity
  • Housing markets in Germany and its neighbouring countries


  • Concept tendering as an alternative to the conventional sale of public real estate
  • Network supports Europe-wide uniform life cycle assessment of building products
  • Climate-neutral buildings: new brochure on Efficiency House Plus educational buildings has been published
  • Long-term structural data for the construction industry


  • Inspirational territorial and urban analysis jointly developed by BBSR and NIUA
  • Baukultur and tourism – cooperation in the region
  • Corona regional – statistical and spatial information on COVID-19 pandemic developments in Germany

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