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Publication Transnational perspectives for green and blue growth

How municipalities and regions can promote sustainable growth and use marine resources in the context of INTERREG IV B

Cover of the publication: Transnational perspectives for green and blue growth

Editor: BBSR Series: Individual publication Published: 2014 ISBN: 978-3-87994-795-9 URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-2014082011302


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Blue and green growth is a highly topical subject. In the new funding period 2014-2020, transnational cooperation programmes are designed to contribute to the implementation of the EU strategy "Europe 2020 for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" - and thus to green and blue growth.

The present publication's intention is to demonstrate based on 17 project examples that transnational cooperation may, even in various ways, contribute to green and blue growth. The project examples deal with important and at the same time very different thematic fields of green and blue growth. The approaches range from algae cultivation and the implementation of smart energy grids and storage technologies to the development of new building materials and sustainable cruise tourism as well as the promotion of aquaculture. The added value of transnational cooperation consists in 'soft' results rather than in the realisation of comprehensive tangible investments. Comparatively little money is used for setting many wheels in motion in order to prepare investments, to improve the use of resource and to establish long-standing cooperations.

The brochure, drawn up by Spatial Foresight on behalf of the BBSR, shall also help to better utilise the results and experiences of transnational cooperation projects in the field of green and blue growth for spatial development in the partner countries involved as well as in regions and municipalities. It was published in English and German.

Spatial Foresight, Berlin
Dr. Sabine Zillmer (Leitung)
Christian Lüer
Maria Toptsidou
Spatial Foresight Germany GmbH, 14109 Berlin

Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) within the
Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR)

Brigitte Ahlke ( )
Dr. Wilfried Görmar
Jens Kurnol ( )
Sina Redlich ( )



Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. Fields of action for green and blue growth in municipalities, regions and transnational areas
  3. How transnational INTERREG projects contribute to green and blue growth
  4. Conclusions and outlook

Annex: Cooperation areas and contact persons


Website of the INTERREG B programme

German version: Transnationale Perspektiven für grünes und blaues Wachstum. BBSR-Sonderveröffentlichung
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The publication is a result of the MORO study "Thematic analysis of transnational cooperation; part A: green and blue growth"
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