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Publication Tel Aviv White City: Modernist buildings in Israel and Germany

Cover: Tel Aviv White City

Editor: BBSR Series: Individual publication Published: July 2015 ISBN: 978-3-87994-159-9 URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-201508143660


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Tel Aviv's White City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing around 4,000 Modernist buildings, nearly 2,000 of which are listed. This makes it the world's largest contiguous ensemble of Modernist buildings of exceptional importance for the history of architecture. Germany's Ministry for Building is helping Tel Aviv to establish a White City visitor and heritage conservation centre. The research conducted by an interdisciplinary research team supported the launch of this project. This research centred around comparing reference buildings in Germany with their Israeli counterparts, as well as investigating and defining the parameters of the construction and building-trades expertise needed for historically accurate heritage conservation and the related good practices in this domain.

The cooperation between professionals in the German-Israeli network of expertise, which will eventually be housed at the White City visitor and heritage conservation centre, will be of benefit to White City buildings and will potentially accomplish the following: provide an impetus for expanded international cooperation between experts; help to further improve training standards in the heritage conservation sector; and promote greater public awareness of the built heritage. This report is mainly intended for Israeli and German specialists and other stakeholders in the field of heritage conservation.

Scientific support:
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Miriam Hohfeld ( )

Research contractor:
Büro für Restaurierungsberatung, Bonn
Gereon Lindlar, Kornelius Götz

Universität Stuttgart
Dr. Dietlinde Schmitt-Vollmer (ifag)
Christian Blatt, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Garrecht (iwb)


  1. Executive summary
  2. The White City research project
  3. Methodology: building-based research
  4. Heritage conservation in Israel (Tel Aviv) and in Germany
  5. Energy upgrading in accordance with good practice heritage conservation
  6. Heritage conservation issues
  7. The envisaged White City visitor and heritage conservation centre
  8. The White City cooperation network
  9. The urban historical context and the Templer settlements
  10. Archives

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