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Publication Smart City Charter:
Making digital transformation at the local level sustainable


Cover: Smart City Charta (German/English)

Editor: BBSR, BMUB Series: Individual publication Published: June 2017 ISBN: 978-3-87994-204-6


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Digitisation has found its way into almost every aspect of life. Terms such as big data, Industry 4.0, Work 4.0 and Smart Cities outline that development. In some cases, regionally significant effects are already apparent, but much remains as yet unclear. Will digitisation lead to greater resource efficiency? Will more sustainable forms of production become possible? What will daily life be like in the future and what skills will we need?

The BMUB established the dialogue platform Smart Cities to address such questions and identify the potential and risks of digitisation on an urban level. 70 representatives from cities, municipalities, communities, various federal departments and municipal associations, as well as scientific, economic and civil organisations attended. The urban development departments of the federal states were also invited. The dialogue process was held at five one-day events, resulting in the Smart City Charter. It defines guidelines and recommended measures on the road towards Smart Cities.

This publication contains German and English versions of the Smart City Charter developed by the Smart Cities dialogue platform. The documentation of the dialogue process was published with the ISBN number 978-3-87994-203-9 (in German, only).

Scientific support
Federal Institute for Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)
Division I 5 – Digital Cities, Risk Prevention and Transportation
Stephan Günthner,
Eva Schweitzer ( ),
Dr. Peter Jakubowski ( )

Support at the Federal Ministry
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)
Division SW I 3
Ralf Schulze, Dr. Margit Tünnemann

Research contractor
Dr. Antje Grobe, Mikko Rissanen

Spanish version
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Smart City Charta: Digitale Transformation in den Kommunen nachhaltig gestalten
(German version of the publication)

Smart City Charter: Making digital transformation at the local level sustainable
(English version of the publication):


I. Preamble
II. Guidelines for smart cities
III. Stakeholder-specific recommendations for action
IV. The dialogue process
V. Participating organisations

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