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Publication Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030

Maps on European Territorial Development

Cover: Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030

Editor: BMI, BBSR Series: Individual publication Published: December 2020 URN: urn:nbn:de:101:1-2021041620095501694493 Language: English


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A new atlas of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community illustrates the development of the regions in Europe.

Maps, figures and short texts show how the regions differ, where they are similar and what challenges they are facing – for example in the areas of economy, demography, labour market, education, research and the environment. The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) and the European regional research network ESPON have developed the map collection for the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The atlas was created during the German EU Council Presidency. It refers to the TA 2030. The 49 thematic maps and 32 illustrations of the atlas take up the focuses – a green and just Europe.

The atlas addresses actors who want to deal with regional development issues in Europe. The BBSR and ESPON have evaluated official data from national statistical offices and other data sources for the atlas. Depending on the topic, the figures refer to different territorial units such as municipalities and regions.

The publication "Atlas for the Territorial Agenda 2030. Maps on European territorial development" is available in German, English and French and will later be translated into all the official languages of the EU.


Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Afairs and Spatial Development
Bonn, Germany
Volker Schmidt-Seiwert, Claire Duvernet, Anna Hellings, Regine Binot,
Lukas Kiel, Beatrix Thul

European Territorial Observatory Network
(ESPON – European Spatial Planning Observatory Network)
Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Martin Gauk




  • The settlement areas
  • The transport network
  • The natural landscapes

Just Europe

Balanced Europe

  • Population development on local level
  • Population trends in cities and their surroundings
  • Components of population development
  • Regional migration
  • Destination and origin countries of migration
  • Older population
  • Relations of the generations
  • Development of employment
  • Structure of employment
  • Youth without employment and education
  • SMEs and entrepreneurship

Functional regions

  • Quality of life
  • Regional imbalances
  • Deepening of the economic divide

Integration beyond borders

  • Research without borders
  • Air passengers flows
  • Transnational cooperation
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Remittances to home countries
  • Foreign direct investment

Green Europe

Healthy environment

  • Temperature in climate change
  • Precipitation in climate change
  • Climate impacts and climate adaptation
  • Land consumption for urban use
  • Urban heat islands
  • Green infrastructure
  • Electricity from wind turbines
  • Groundwater quality
  • Air quality
  • Protection of nature

Circular economy and sustainable connections

  • Employment in circular economy
  • Digitisation of industry
  • Access to fast internet
  • Internet use


  • Notes
  • Abbreviations
  • Data origin

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