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Publication Validation of the amended DIN V 18599 (energy efficiency of buildings), version 2011

BMVBS-Online-Publikation 13/12, Ed.: BMVBS, June 2012

Series: BMVBS-Online-Publikationen Published: July 2012

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hirschberg, Wiesbaden
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS), Berlin
André Hempel

Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR), Bonn
Hans-Peter Lawrenz


The validation of the revised and updated DIN V 18599 - parts 1-10: 2011-12 was carried out according to the task. Subject of the work were the drafts of February/March 2011, which should not be altered relating to contents.

The consistency of the expression, cross references and notation of equations with referring units, which are contained in the validation, were examined (editorial validation) and the numerous necessary corrections were applied.

The content related validation was done for nearly all calculation approaches by means of extensive Excel-sheets to make parameter variations and plausibility checks possible. Also for this part of the validation many corrections had to be made.

The results of the first validation were introduced to the advisory group and the respective standardization bodies. The necessary reworking was meant to result in final manuscripts of all 10 parts up until mid-July 2011 which should then be examined again in another validation at a later stage.

Most of the technical and content related remarks and reservations were absorbed and worked into the DIN V 18599. The remarks concerning the calculation methods to determine standard pipe lengths in parts 5 and 8 as well as the harmonized part efficiency of room controllers with free standing and integrated heating surfaces in part 5.

The repeated validation process led to new modification remarks, mainly editorial, that had to be worked into the DIN V 18599 by the respective person in charge until the final print release.

The methods of validation and the agreed reference buildings, residential and nonresidential are showcased in the study in detail as are all examinations of the task range including comment about the result.

As a result of the exceptionally numerous small remarks the study does not contain remarks to the editorial examination. These are highlighted in the interim reports and the PDF-working files in comment mode.

After this validation the DIN V 18599 parts 1-10: 2011-12 is perfectly useable and leaves no room for interpretations unless explicitly specified in the examination comments. The use of the overworked standards will lead to pursuable results.

The principle was provided with advice and suggestions where, from the validation's point of view, actions need to be taken.

The study closes with a lookout on further necessary reworking of the complete DIN V 18599 and proposes a new structure aiming at a notable reduction of the total volume of this standard whilst keeping up the required detail.

The abstract is part of the German publication "Validierung der überarbeiteten DIN V 18599 (Energetische Bewertung von Gebäuden) Version 2011" - BMVBS-Online-Publikation 13/12, Hrsg.: BMVBS, Juni 2012, Berlin
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