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Publication Impacts of transnational cooperation in the context of Interreg B

Cover of the main publication "Wirkungen der Transnationalen Zusammenarbeit in Interreg B"

Editor: BMVI Series: BMVI-Online-Publikation Published: June 2017

The Analysis of selected Interreg IV B projects focused on those impacts spanning several topics and going beyond the project duration and the project partners involved. Six Interreg B-specific impacts were identified:

- increased capacity of key stakeholders to act due to greater knowledge and more competences
- stronger joint action in political decision making processes
- better reprensentation of interests at national, regional and European level
- more efficient and effective organisation of work processes
- more frequent use of social and technical innovations
- improved ecological, social and economic (living) environment

The impacts of Interreg B funding differ from those of the regional structural funding programmes, which rather focus on thematic impacts. The specific combination of cross-sectoral and sectoral impacts makes up the special quality of Interreg B. The study stresses the importance to communicate the identified specific Interreg B impacts on all programme levels in the future and to consider them actively while implementing and planning the programmes. Recommendations were formulated addressing both projects and programme management bodies.

The following publications were produced in the context of the study:

Wirkungen der transnationalen Zusammenarbeit in Interreg B

(German publication of "Impacts of Transnational Cooperation in Interreg B")

GermanDownload (PDF, 2MB, File meets accessibility standards)

Impacts of Transnational Cooperation in Interreg B

The main publication within the study presents all results and recommendations in detail.

EnglishDownload (PDF, 2MB, File meets accessibility standards)

Praxisleitfaden für eine wirksame Umsetzung von Interreg B Projekten

(German publication of "Good Practice Guidelines for an Effective Implementation of Interreg B Projects")

GermanDownload (PDF, 579KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Good Practice Guidelines for an Effective Implementation of Interreg B Projects

The Guidelines address project developers, project management bodies as well as contact points and programme secretariats giving project advice. The brochure informs about the various impacts achieved by Interreg B projects. In order to realise projects successfully and effectively, it also presents the aspects that have to be considered when preparing and implementing projects.

EnglishDownload (PDF, 436KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Interreg B-spezifische Wirkungen messen

(German publication of "Measuring Interreg B Specic Impacts")

GermanDownload (PDF, 728KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Measuring Interreg B Specic Impacts

The paper addresses programme management bodies. The aim is to give impetus for carrying out impact analyses in the context of Interreg B which, apart from sectoral, take cross-sectoral impacts into account. Recommendations for advancing result indicators and proposals of feasible methodical procedures are formulated.

EnglishDownload (PDF, 932KB, File meets accessibility standards)

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), Berlin
Department G 31 "European Spatial Development Policy/Territorial Cohesion"
Dr. Katharina Erdmenger

Scientific support
Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)
within the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR)
Division I 3 "European Spatial and Urban Development"
Sina Redlich

Simon Böhmer, Carla Harnischfeger, Dr. Astrid Könönen

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