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Further programmes

In addition to the technical and administrative implementation of research programmes, the BBSR is also tasked with implementing the scientific monitoring of funding programmes and temporary initiatives.

Here you can find completed projects and initiatives:

Specialist Agency of the Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction Type: Research Project Topic:

With the national Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction (Bündnis für Bezahlbares Wohnen und Bauen), the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety brought a central organisation to life in 2014 to overcome pressing housing policy challenges. As part of this dialogue process, common solutions for these challenges are developed in cooperation with the federal states, municipalities and other associations. The goal is to meet the growing need for housing while taking into account social, demographic and energy requirements.

Project duration: January 2015 – December 2018

Guideline heavy rain - Property protection and structural precautions Type: Research Project Topic:

In the past few years there have been an increasing number of unusually heavy rainfall events in Germany, which have resulted in major damage to building infrastructure. Adjustment measures should, therefore, also be taken at the property and building level in order to minimise the consequences of such events. Existing recommendations for action for flooding can only be transferred to the demands of extreme rainfall to a limited extent. Therefore, a guideline for property protection and structural precautions needs to be created.

Project duration: February 2018 - November 2018

Energetic monitoring of two "Effizienzhäuser Plus im Altbau" Type: Research Project Topic:

As part of the competition "Effizienzhaus Plus im Altbau" ("Efficiency House Plus in old buildings"), which was awarded in 2012, two residential areas dating back to 1938 were renovated in Neu-Ulm. The two different concepts of the realized model projects should exemplarily show how a sustainable further development of the residential building stock to the Effizienzhaus Plus for the wide application can be implemented in terms of building.

Project duration: May 2013 – November 2018

Pilot projects energy-efficient urban redevelopment Type: Research Project Topic:

With the KfW program 432 that was introduced in 2011, the neighborhood as a central level of action has moved to the focus of climate protection. Based on 63 pilot projects, program-related research has identified insights about the generation and effect of energy-efficiency neighborhood concepts and the methods of implementation management. For this, the exchange of experiences with stakeholders involved in the pilot areas was essential.

Project duration: July 2013 - October 2017

Expert opinion on the preparation of an inter-agency strategy for the "Social City" Type: Research Project Topic:

The coalition agreement 2013 between CDU/CSU and SPD stipulates to continue the programme "Social City" as the master programme of social integration within the framework of the promotion of urban development. It is to constitute the foundation for an inter-agency strategy "Social City", on the basis of which development funds from programmes of different departments in areas with increased needs for integration are being pooled additively. For the implementation of this mandate and in preparation of such a strategy the research assignment "Expert opinion on the prep-aration of an inter-agency strategy" compiled social trends with their effects on disadvantaged districts, analysed the workings of existing inter-agency activities, iden-tified potential additional fields of action and specified potential forms of cooperation.

Project duration: November 2014 – May 2016

VerKoS – Transport consequences and costs of settlement development (Calculation of transport and settlement costs)
Type: Research Project Topic:

As public budgets are tight, it becomes more and more important to estimate the financial consequences of new housing areas. To help communal planners to estimate these costs, a tool was developed.

Project duration: November 2013 - November 2015

The energy-efficient construction of municipal and social infrastructure Type: Research Project Topic:

Accompanying research and an evaluation of pilot initiatives

The ambitious climate change targets of the German federal government demand efficient yet cost effective solutions for an improved carbon footprint. The federal government has promoted innovative approaches and transferable concepts for the energy-efficient construction of new municipal and social infrastructure by means of a pilot initiative. In the context of the research project the selected pilot initiatives were accompanied and evaluated.

Project duration: October 2010 - March 2015

The investment processes of condominium owners' associations with particular emphasis on energy-efficiency and age-appropriate renovations Type: Research Project Topic:

Condominium owners' associations too are concerned with investments in energy-efficiency and accessibility. It is clear they face formidable challenges here in terms of decision-making and the organisation of resolutions – even more so than they do with mere maintenance. They must work together and where possible unanimously decide which measures they want to implement, how they should be financed and who should plan and execute them. As part of the research project, the investment processes of condominium owners' associations were analysed with the aid of case studies.

Project duration: May 2012 – February 2015

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