The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

Research Project: Specialist Agency of the Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction

Project briefing

With the national Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction (Bündnis für Bezahlbares Wohnen und Bauen), the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety brought a central organisation to life in 2014 to overcome pressing housing policy challenges. As part of this dialogue process, common solutions for these challenges are developed in cooperation with the federal states, municipalities and other associations. The goal is to meet the growing need for housing while taking into account social, demographic and energy requirements.

Project duration: January 2015 – December 2018


The country, the states and the municipalities are confronted by huge housing and construction policy challenges. The national Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction (Bündnis für Bezahlbares Wohnen und Bauen) is devoted to the central challenges of supporting construction, especially in growing regions, while still maintaining the premise of affordable housing. The partners of the alliance intend to improve the requirements for construction and renovation of living spaces with suitable quality, primarily in affordable market segments, as well as to contribute to the expansion of supply in metropolitan areas with housing shortages.


As part of the alliance, measures where developed to counter housing policy challenges. In working groups and in the Commission for Decreasing Construction Costs (Baukostensenkungskommission), suggestions were generated and brought together in the 10-Point-Programme of the Housing Construction Offensive (Wohnbau-Offensive). These measures were and are still being put into practice. The alliance continues to accompany the implementation process.

Contractor of the project was empirica AG, Berlin.


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