The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

Research Project: Support to the revision of the Territorial Agenda


The project accompanied the processes of revising the Territorial Agenda and identifying and developing measures for its implementation. It also focused on the preparation of background and discussion papers. Accordingly, the various work steps were implemented in three content-related work packages:

  1. Process support. The revision and adoption of the Territorial Agenda was carried out in cooperation with the member states. In the context of the demonstration project, the Task Force, the Network of Contact Points for Territorial Cohesion (NTCCP) and the responsible Directors-General (DGTC) were supported. The interested expert public was informed about the progress through various communication channels and invited to participate for example via or Twitter using the #TerritorialAgenda hashtag.
    (Implementation period: July 2019 – December 2020)
  2. Modernising and updating the Territorial Agenda. Modernisation and updating focused on the revision of content and language. This included the elaboration of a convincing narrative to strengthen the spatial dimension, the consideration of new developments and the reduction of the planning jargon in favour of a better general comprehensibility for actors from outside the field.
    (Implementation period: July 2019 – November 2020)
  3. Pilot actions to implement the Territorial Agenda. Implementation was already considered in the preparation of the new Territorial Agenda. Therefore, the process of developing concrete actions for implementation started early. Ideas for pilot actions were first collected together with the member states. These ideas were gradually specified over the course of the project in direct cooperation with six interested partner countries.
    (Implementation period: November 2019 – November 2020)

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