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Digitalisation affects life in the fields of urban development, living quality and also planning and building. The BBSR investigates the potential and risks of digitalisation, developing concepts and guidelines aimed, among others, at municipalities and actors in the building sector.

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Digital learning labs of the City of Oldenburg

Status: Completed Project duration: December 2017 – March 2022

Shaping the digital city: A guide for municipalities

Status: Completed Project duration: January 2019 – May 2022

Possibilities and Strategies for the German EU Council Presidency 2020

Status: Completed Project duration: January 2018 – October 2021

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Research News Research News Issue No. 1/2023 |

Data strategies for common good-oriented urban development

National Dialogue Platform Smart Cities

Individual publication

The New Leipzig Charter:
Synthesis and focus

Empowering cities to act in pursuit of the common good

Individual publication

Online participation in urban development

original title: Online-Partizipation in der Stadtentwicklung

IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 6/2017 |

International Standardisation

Influence on National and International Urban Development and Urban Planning

BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 13/2017 |

The New Urban Agenda – Consequences for Urban Development

original title: Die New Urban Agenda – Konsequenzen für die Stadtentwicklung

IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 3/2017 |

On the road to becoming a Smart Citizen

Defining, locating and supporting digital competences

BBSR-Analysen KOMPAKT Issue 08/2017 |


Basis for the building life cycle assessment

Zukunft Bauen: Forschung für die Praxis Issue Volume 11 |

Smarter cities – better life? IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 1/2017 |

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