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car and bicycle traffic in a city

Transport and mobility

Being mobile is an expression of free opportunities to develop and participate in modern society. A gentle transport transition is required to ensure and improve living quality. The BBSR is developing empirical analyses on accessibility, commuting and flows of freight traffic in Germany. The institute also works conceptually on sustainable mobility in Germany.

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Population Dynamics in Medium-sized Towns – Interactive Town-portraits!

Status: Completed Project duration: October 2020 – August 2022

Active mobility in urban quarters

Status: Completed Project duration: July 2016 – December 2021

Possibilities and Strategies for the German EU Council Presidency 2020

Status: Completed Project duration: January 2018 – October 2021

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Research News Research News Issue No. 1/2023 |

The New Leipzig Charter:
Synthesis and focus

Empowering cities to act in pursuit of the common good

Individual publication

Online participation in urban development

original title: Online-Partizipation in der Stadtentwicklung

IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 6/2017 |

The New Urban Agenda – Consequences for Urban Development

original title: Die New Urban Agenda – Konsequenzen für die Stadtentwicklung

IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 3/2017 |

Trams and urban development IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 4.2016 |

Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2020

Enhancing regional potentials in the context of further developing the TEN-T

BMVI-Online-Publikation Issue 07/2015 |

What moves us (tomorrow)? IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 2.2015 |

Spatial organisation of goods traffic IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 3.2014 |

Resilience IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 4.2013 |

Requirements for energy-efficient and carbon neutral districts (EQ)

Werkstatt: Praxis Issue 81, Ed.: BMVBS, Berlin 2013

Werkstatt: Praxis

City instead of noise IzR (Informationen zur Raumentwicklung) Issue 3.2013 |

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