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Youth projects in structurally weak and rural areas Type: News Date: 18 June 2021

Project completed: Young people play an active role in the development of their town or city. The study therefore aimed to identify innovative participatory youth projects in small towns and to describe their impact on the development of the towns and their surrounding areas.

Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2030 Type: News Date: 04 May 2021

Project updated: In the context of the pilot action “a future for lagging regions” supported as part of the Territorial Agenda 2030, three German regions and three regions of other European member states are supported in securing services of general interest.

Multi-level monitoring of urban development Type: News Date: 16 April 2021

Multi-level monitoring of urban development is not yet institutionalised across-the-board as required by some guidelines. Its function is to inform all levels involved, to formulate goals and to define work steps by way of a compatible and harmonised data language.

International departmental research alliance between the BBSR and the NIUA Type: News Date: 16 April 2021

The BBSR and the NIUA in New Delhi, India, have been cooperating in the field of applied urban and spatial research since 2018. Together they want to better understand the challenges in both countries and develop solutions for cities and city regions.

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