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The planning and building process in Germany is complex and susceptible to faults due to its many interfaces. The pressure of competition and difficult conditions in the industry make it difficult to achieve long-term targets and a stronger orientation towards the life-cycle of a building. The BBSR investigates how current and future planning and building tasks can be optimised and especially how aspects of quality can be prioritised.

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Digitisation affects life in the fields of urban development, living quality and also planning and building. The BBSR investigates the potential and risks of digitisation, developing concepts and guidelines aimed, among others, at municipalities and actors in the building sector.

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A forward-looking policy for cities, towns and regions is based on sustainability. The BBSR engages in many ways in the field of energy, climate and the environment. In addition to empirical aspects, the institute also addresses planning and conceptual approaches. Its research programmes include ecological building, strategies for energy supplies in districts and schemes to adapt to climate change in urban and rural areas.

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Appropriate, affordable housing is a key challenge of social policy. The BBSR analyses developments on the housing and real estate markets, supervises relevant federal research projects and provides a wide range of scientific and consulting services to support the Federal Government's housing policy.

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Without regional reference values, social transformation such as demographic change, urban-rural migration and digitisation cannot be interpreted appropriately. The BBSR analyses according trends and continues to develop concepts and tools for building and housing policy, as well as urban and regional development.

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Creating equal living conditions is a permanent task of the Federal Government, federal states and municipalities. People should be able to establish a home in all parts and regions of the country and live well there. The BBSR supports this policy with spatial analyses on a national and international level, as well as model initiatives and a regional planning forecast, with the aim of achieving more equal living conditions.

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Being mobile is an expression of free opportunities to develop and participate in modern society. A gentle transport transition is required to ensure and improve living quality. The BBSR is developing empirical analyses on accessibility, commuting and flows of freight traffic in Germany. The institute also works conceptually on sustainable mobility in Germany.

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Urban areas and their surroundings are constantly changing. The effects raise many planning, building and socioeconomic questions. The BBSR analyses the development of German towns and cities, helping to develop funding and research programmes for sustainable urban development.

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The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) advises the federal government on tasks relating to urban and spatial development as well as housing, real estate and construction. Are you interested in a specific topic? Here you can search through our publications, specialist articles and project results thematically.

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