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The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) supports federal politics with its projects. The projects deal with current issues of spatial planning, urban development as well as building and housing. They reveal the need for political action and provide scientifically sound bases with which political instruments and measures can be further developed.

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Development of requirements for sustainable building for housing and funding programmes Type: Research Project

Against the background of increasing rents and the existing shortage of affordable housing in many large German cities and urban agglomerations, it is important to promote new dwellings that are both affordable and sustainable. The aim of the research project was to …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: August 2019 – March 2021

Urban Gardening (with forest gardens) – Feasibility study Type: Research Project

Urban gardening is a young, but for quite some time ongoing phenomenon that – to continue the metaphor – "grows and thrives", especially in large cities. The study provides an overview of the spread and typologies of urban gardening in Germany. It also identifies which …

Programme: General Departmental Research Status: Completed Project duration: July 2020 – June 2021

Inventory Investments 2018: The Structure of Investment Activity in Residential and Non-residential Inventories Type: Research Project

Official statistics fail to adequately capture the market of existing buildings in German residential and non-residential construction. The goal of this research project was to gather topical and reliable data on inventory activities in residential and non-residential …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: October 2018 – March 2020

Forecasting German construction prices over the medium term Type: Research Project

German construction prices have soared in recent years. It was only in the course of the Corona pandemic 2020 and the associated macroeconomic slump that the price increase lost some momentum. Scarce production capacities in the construction sector and the recent surge …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: September 2019 – February 2021

Interreg: Spatial effects of transnational cooperation and their measurability Type: Research Project

Preparations for the 2021-2027 transnational cooperation programmes are in full swing. The aim of the project was to identify the specific spatial challenges within the cooperation areas that include Germany and to comment on the draft programmes from a German …

Programme: MORO Status: Completed Project duration: November 2018 – April 2021

New Urban Agenda of the United Nations: characterising, measuring and visualising the progress of its implementation across various levels Type: Research Project

Compact urban development, the efficient use of resources, mobility in cities and regions as well as the well-being of all are the core messages of the New Urban Agenda adopted by the United Nations as global guiding principle of modern urban development. From 2022, the …

Programme: General Departmental Research Status: Completed Project duration: December 2019 – June 2021

Implementing the Territorial Agenda 2030 – local pilot actions and transfer of results at national and European level Type: Research Project

The EU Territorial Agenda 2030 is a political framework agreement of the EU member states on the key objectives of spatial development in Europe. Under the German EU Council Presidency, the EU ministers responsible for spatial planning adopted this document on 1 …

Programme: MORO Status: Ongoing Started: Since July 2020

Youth projects in structurally weak and rural areas Type: Research Project

As numerous successful youth participation projects in recent years have shown, young people want to – and are able to – play an active role in shaping their living environment and in the development of their town or city. Until now, research has focused on projects in …

Programme: ExWoSt Status: Completed Project duration: November 2019 – February 2021

Adaptation and update of generic ÖKOBAUDAT data to EN 15804/A2 Type: Research Project

With over 700 EN 15804 and BNB-compliant data sets containing life cycle assessment information on construction products and processes, the ÖKOBAUDAT is the world's largest database in the construction sector. The life cycle assessments are used for optimization in the …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: October 2020 – May 2021

Climate resilient urban regeneration Type: Research Project

The project records the results of the research programme StadtKlimaExWoSt (Urban Strategies for Adapting to Climate Change) and other research looking at the implementation of climate adaption measures in municipalities. In ten case study cities, the factors of success …

Programme: ExWoSt Status: Completed Project duration: October 2017 – October 2020

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