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The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) supports federal politics with its projects. The projects deal with current issues of spatial planning, urban development as well as building and housing. They reveal the need for political action and provide scientifically sound bases with which political instruments and measures can be further developed.

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Evaluation of the 2016 housing benefit reform Type: Research Project

The study has analysed the development of housing benefit (Wohngeld) in the period 2009 to 2015 and presents the resulting need for reform (including ex ante expectations). An ex post impact analysis of the 2016 housing benefit reform was also conducted. Furthermore, …

Programme: General Departmental Research Status: Completed Project duration: October 2017 – July 2020

European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation–support during the preparation phase
Type: Research Project

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) instrument is supposed to facilitate cooperation between member states, regional and local authorities and public bodies at cross-border, transnational and interregional level. It has become increasingly …

Programme: MORO Status: Completed Project duration: November 2017 – November 2019

Support to the revision of the Territorial Agenda Type: Research Project

On 1 December 2020 the ministers responsible for spatial planning and territorial development and/or territorial cohesion of the EU member states adopted the Territorial Agenda 2030. This Demonstration Project of Spatial Planning (MORO) has supported the German EU …

Programme: MORO Status: Completed Project duration: July 2019 – December 2020

Wecobis/BNB Profile 1.1.6 Tender Specifications - Implementation in STLB Type: Research Project

The individual criteria of the Bewertungssystem Nachhaltiges Bauen des Bundes (BNB - Federal Sustainable Building Assessment System) describe specific certification goals for buildings. Some of these so-called Kriterien-Steckbriefe (criteria profiles) place requirements …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: June 2020 – December 2020

The urban dimension in the EU structural policy 2014-2020 Type: Research Project

The project analysed the promotion of the urban dimension in the Structural Funding period 2014-2020 on the basis of all operational programmes (OP) in Germany. A focus was on the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the ESF (European Social Fund). Secondarily, …

Programme: ExWoSt Status: Completed Project duration: November 2018 – December 2020

Conducting an expert conference on the influence of parking space requirements on construction costs in residential construction Type: Research Project

Regarding the high construction costs of parking spaces, the "Commission to Reduce Building Costs" recommended that the states and municipalities adapt the parking space requirements to today's demand as part of careful urban development planning. At the conference …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: December 2016 – December 2019

People and Success Stories 2019 Type: Research Project

The focus of the competition "Menschen und Erfolge 2019" was "Living in small towns and communities of rural areas" and searched for projects that have successfully contributed to the improvement of housing and the living environment. A total of 136 entries were …

Programme: MORO Status: Completed Project duration: November 2018 – February 2020

Update of the brochure "BNB – Office and administration buildings" Type: Research Project

The Assessment System for Sustainable Building for Federal Buildings (BNB) is a holistic assessment procedure for office and administrative buildings. The aim of the project was to update, further develop and supplement the information brochure "Assessment System for …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: August 2017 – November 2019

Work aid for adaptation of BNB – development of a work aid for the application of the BNB to construction measures for which no system variant exists Type: Research Project

The Sustainable Building Assessment System (BNB), which has been in use since 2011 for the holistic consideration and assessment of sustainability aspects for buildings, was expanded in 2013 to include "analogous application". This scope of application is to be expanded …

Programme: Future Building Status: Completed Project duration: August 2018 – November 2019

Urban infrastructures within the "Stadtumbau" programme under growth and shrinking conditions Type: Research Project

This research project focused on measures in which funds provided by the “Stadtumbau” (urban restructuring) urban development funding programme were used to adapt urban infrastructures. The project examined reasons for as well as the planning and implementation of …

Programme: Urban development grants Status: Completed Project duration: February 2018 – December 2019

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